Camp like a pro

Camping is the trend nowadays. At OCPD grounds, one can easily settle for the night with either a tent or a hammock.

Secure a tent and a tent cover (an old tarpaulin will do). You may also build your own place to sleep in with leaves and branches, but NEVER ever cut down trees.

You may bring extra ropes to be used as guy lines. Make sure your tent doesn’t fly. You don’t want to wake up hanging on a cliff the next morning. 

Have an insect repellent lotion ready. You don’t know what bugs are out there ready to feast on you.

The blanket or sleeping bag that you bring may double as a mat. You will surely enjoy stargazing better if you are not distracted by sharp stones poking your back.

Keep the campers’ rule: CLAY-GO (clean as you go). Take all the trash with you. Leave the area a lot cleaner than when you arrived.