OCPD Café and Restaurant

Served al fresco, the menu ranges from a cup of their signature coffee to a variety of cool beverages which can quench your thirst regardless of the weather. If ever you want to grab a bite, just choose from their food list and the friendly cook can easily whip up something for you. 

Cloud 9

A combination of puto-maya (sticky rice), sweet ripe mango and sikwate (natural-native chocolate drink.)

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Colorful, spicy and flavorsome Mexican cuisine appeals to eye and taste. Fall to its temptation and relish hearty soups, fresh-grilled fajitas or try iconic tequila cocktails.

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World-renowned classy dishes from The Land of the Raising Sun: traditional miso soup, yakitori, sashimi and sushi with variety of ingredients. Simplicity and delight are key!

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Exotic spices, vegetables and piquant taste… We serve Tandoori Chicken, Chole, Rogan Josh, rice or vegetable specialties and many more famous dishes of Indian cuisine.