Create a unified front in setting standards to achieve sustainable tourism that represents the interests of its members with high ethical values and a strong advocacy in promoting Ecotourism.


  1. To promote unity and cooperation among those involved in the tourism accommodation industry in the Municipality of Oslob, Province of Cebu, in order to protect their common interests and welfare.
  2. To work for such measures conducive to the upliftment and development of the tourism industry in the Southern Cebu, particularly in Oslob.
  3. To cooperate and coordinate with other instrumentalities engaged in tourism.
  4. To act as liaison between the members and government institutions or officers and assist in the enactment and enforcement of national and local ordinances or laws affecting the industry.
  5. To uphold the highest standard of profession, integrity and efficiency in the conduct of its business.
  6. To encourage and maintain a feeling of goodwill, camaraderie and friendly competition among members.
  7. To prevent unethical practices and resist activities inimical to the right conduct of business required of honorable and fair competition.
  8. To participate in community affairs pertaining to the tourism industry and to act as spokesperson for the members, taking active part in community and civic activities.
  9. To promote harmonious relationship with tourism allied industries and suppliers in order to achieve and meet the highest standard of service and quality products for the association.
  10. To work with associations engaged in the tourism industry in other localities for closer rapport, cooperation and fellowship.